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ZEOD-49 Heroine in Grave Danger!! 12 JKB Undercover

Megumi Tachibana used to a narcotic investigator, but now she manages private bodyguard for some reason. One day, Megumi is requested bodyguard by a student Takeru Toma. He was targeted by an evil organization, because he watched the scene they produce drugs in his academy. Besides, the evil organization has a connection with the police, so if Megumi report it to the police, they will try to destroy the evidence. Takeru and Megumi cooperate with each other and try to find an evidence of their drug production. Therefore, Megumi disguise herself as a school girl to protect Takeru. However, Takeru has a secret purpose to take a big risk. Mayu Sakura, Takeru’s classmate and his idol, was a dealer of the organization. Takeru meets Mayu to reform her without hearing Megumi’s advice. Is Megumi able to protect Takeru!?

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