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ZEOD-44 Fighter of the Sun Leona –Sports Day Genie Tsunahikin

Yui Kuwana, homeroom teacher of 5th grade, class 2 in the Urushigaoka elementary school, transforms into Leona to fight with evils. One day, Jiro Hoshino who is an anchorman in relay as a last resort in his class declines a participation in the sports day. Jiro’s father Nitetsu dedicates his entire life to the sports day without taking care of his family and gives Jiro special education. Jiro’s refusal is rebellion against his father. Great Satan Garunte turns Nitetsu into Sports Day Genie Tsunahikin by using Nitetsu’s strong desire for sports day and lets him hate skeptical child to sports day and Leona. Is Leona able to survive from sports day that is organized by Garunte and retrieve wholesome sports day?

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