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ZEOD-43 Heroine in Grave Danger!! Androforce

Princess Lia from the planet Andromeda becomes a member of Space Investigator for training and calls herself Lia Saotome to work on the Earth. One day, prince Bow, Lia’s childhood friend and the prince of the planet Bothe, plans to visit to the Earth. Planet Bothe is very rich, so Lia is ordered to guard prince Bow. When Lia and Bow enjoy sightseeing, female space criminal Kumonsienne who were requested Bow’s abduction, and her subordinates appear. Lia transforms into Androforce to fight with Kumonsienne, but she is driven into the corner by Kumonsienne’s poisonous attack. Kumonsienne sniffs poison smell and persistently chases Lia and Bow. Androforce tries to be a decoy to protect Bow, but she is defeated and captured by Kumonsienne. Androforce is violently tortured by Kumonsienne. Androforce has wounds all over her body to bear the torture. She is helped by Bow and challenges to the last fight with Kumonsienne. However, Androforce meets the true fear during her battle.

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