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ZEOD-39 Heroine in Grave Danger!! 11 The Crimson Goddess Wonder Freya

A Witch of Black Swan attacks female attendant Rin to sacrifice her to resurrection of the Queen of Darkness. Maya Mikami rescues Rin. Maya’s another face is the Crimson Goddess Wonder Freya. Maya decides to protect Rin to stop the plot of Witch of Black Swan. Maya transforms into Wonder Freya and beats the monster, a subordinate of the Witch of Black Swan. However Witch of Black Swan knows that Wonder Freya is the princess of Amazoness island, so she tries to be sacrifice Wander Freya instead of Rin. The Witch captures Rin in her unguarded moment. She also captures Wonder Freya by taking advantage of Rin. The Witch violently tortures Wonder Freya and stabs throwing star into Wonder Freya’s chest to dedicate her to the Queen of Darkness. The Witch tries to penetrate Wonder Freya’s heart. Wonder Freya screams and suffers in great pain. Is she able to escape from the crisis and beat the Witch of Black Swan!?

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