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ZEOD-38 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 22 Spandexer A

Spandexer A, one of Spandexer who are called space police, chased space criminal Bemul and his family to come to the Earth. She saves Mejiro, an investigator on the Earth, who were chased by Bemul but she lets Bemul get away. Spandexer A cooperates with Mejiro to beat Bemul. Artificial life Zora, who were created by space criminals to beat Spandexer, appears before Spandexer. Spandexer A is defeated by Zora, because Zora’s body made by the material which is Spandexer’s weakness. Spandexer is captured and violently tortured by Zora. Brutal Zora captures Mejiro and orders him to kill Spandexer A if he doesn’t want to get harmed his family.

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