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ZEOD-32 Fighter of the Sun Leona Toy Genie Toyzamasu

Fighter of the Sun Leona is a justice heroine who came from the planet Never Planet where only children live. She works at Urushigaoka elementary school as a teacher Yui Kuwana. One day, one of her student Tatsuya Kaminuma is bullied by class mates. Because Tatsuya’s TOY Boy Doll which was a Christmas gift from his father is teased by other students. Tatsuya’s father Yohei Kaminuma used to a popular child actor of the TV program with special effects “Future Fighter TOY Boy” but now he runs candy store. Yohei is unhappy with that children recently does not play traditional games, so he hates children now. Satan Garunde utilizes his hate to transform him into Toy Genie Toyzamasu. Can Leona protect children from Toy Genie Toyzamasu?

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