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ZEOD-30 The Evil Busters Triple Lancer Vol.01

Misora Kenzaki encounters the battle of Yellow Lancer and Shaspear, a female fighter of Ungrer Empire. When she tries to help Yellow Lancer, she awakes as a Red Lancer and beats Shaspear. Misora decides to join the battle to help Yellow Lancer/Chinatsu Tamazusa and her assistant robot Lavie. However, Ungrar send a strong enemy Beax who use an axe to the ground. Chinatsu and Misora manage to drive away Beax and then invincible fighter Wolfblade appears before them. Misora and Chinatsu desperately fight with Wolfblade but they are beaten. Shaspear sees it and rescue them. So Wolfblade targets Shaspear now. Red and Yellow Lancer rush to the Shaspear’s crisis to help her. When Shaspear know their tenderness, her sealed secret power released.

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