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ZEOD-28 Heroine Pinch Omnibus 17 Saint Dress Fighter Seralion

Seralion fights every day because her mission is protect human world from monsters come from the hell. Baldora summons monsters from hell to dominate human world but monsters are beaten by Seralion. Baldora notices that Seralion changes her physical damage into energy. Baldora succeeds to capture Seralion by depriving her energy before she is fully charged. Baldora tortures Seralion and deprives her energy many times. Baldora creates Darklion (Evil Seralion) with an enormous gathered power. Baldora orders Darklion to kill Seralion, but Darklion doesn’t obey the order. Darklion releases Seralion and makes a fool of Baldora and leaves there. Few days later, Darklion appears before Miki. Miki regards Darklion as her friend and thanks to her but Darklion tries to attack Miki.

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