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ZEOD-27 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 21 Glamorous Athena

Glamorous Athena is a female fighter of Legend Pia. She came to this world to look for her missing father. Meanwhile, a detective Nandaimon visits the factory where Athena works in, to investigate a business person Kengo Toshogu who are missing. He is suddenly attacked by a monster and Glamorous Athena narrowly defeat the monster. After then, the monster change into Kengo Toshogu. Athena cooperates with Nandaimon to investigate the case. When she is relaxing in his office, she is suddenly attacked by a monster Mathbis. She chases the monster but then a detector, which is for searching her father, reacts Mathbis. Athena notices the monster Mathbis used to her father. She finally loses her consciousness with Mathbis’ attack and is hardly tortured at the base of evil mad scientist Dr. Catastrophe and is put medicine all over her body for neutralizing Legend Pia’s power. Nandaimon fires her body with a flamethrower to detoxification. However in fact, she knows the true color of Dr. Catastrophe is her missing father Devious. Devious has planned to punish Athena because he jealous her excellence. Devious tries to start Athena’s execution with increasing his power with developed new medicine…

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