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ZEOD-22 Heroine Pinch Omnibus16 Cosmo Battle God Legend Gingaiger Odyssey

Serial terror attacks are happened by evil secret society BAGON. Gingaiger rushes to the site and beats “Ebil,” a monster of BAGON, through cooperation with the latest tactical system GINGANET but she finds Shigeru Yasumago, who used to a member of GINGA Junior, under Ebil’s mask. GINGA Mercury is shocked to meet Shigeru Yasumago who became a BAGON’s minion because he was a her favorite pupil but she tries to believe Yasumago still remains justice mind. However real purpose of Yasumago is to steal information about GINGANET through access to the mother computer of headquarters. Mercury wants to protect Yasumago so she conflicts Gingaiger and it lead a deadly combat among Gingaigers. Yasumago shows his true color and he turns GINGA Mercury over to female evil cadre Nervia. Yasumago who has a long-held grudges to Mercury attacks her…

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