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ZEOD-18 Fighter of the Sun Leona Burning Chef Genie

Fighter of the Sun, Leona from Never Planet is a messiah for children. She has protected child from Devil Garunde as a Yui Kuwana, homeroom teacher of the room 3 of fifth grade in the Urushigaoka elementary school. One day, she visits a her student Hiroshi Koizumi’s home to see his parent. Hiroshi’s father Kensaku Koizumi runs small Chinese Restaurant “Taisho-Ken” but the business situation of the restaurant is pretty bad due to his innocent character. Moreover, Syu Ken Chin, Kensaku’s rival and famous Chinese cook plots takeover of “Taisho-Ken” by various means. Finally they make a match in TV program “Burning Food Battle!” Syu Ken Chin sold his soul to the Devil Garunde and becomes Burning Chef Genie “Umaiaruyo” to attacks Kensaku. Reona fights back “Umaiaruyo” but she is thrown flour into her eyes and is cooked as a ultimate cuisine of court “Grilled Heroine.”

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