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ZEOD-15 Burn of the Dead International Special Agent Investigator Anna

International Special Agent, Anna Wakatsuki search a criminal of serial terror attacks for chemical factory. Meanwhile, the new terrorism case for chemical factory happened. Anna rush to the site with her manager Murata. They could subdue a criminal group after mortal combat but criminals are revived. They attack Anna again although they have shot. Anna fails to arrest an unidentified criminal. After her continuous investigation, she gets the information that Dorion pharmacy and Dr. Amehara (He is missing and a developer of Phantom Cell that can revive dead cells.) is related to this case. Anna goes to Dr. Amehara’s house for investigation. She almost reach the fact but then she is murdered by betrayer. The case made vaporize in the air but Anna revives in the mortuary. She confuses her situation but she tries to solve the case with a data analist Kosuke.

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