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ZEOD-14 New Heroine In Grave Danger!! Attack Beast Forth Earth Fighter

Misaki Hayama is an average high school girl student. She rescues a woman who was attacked by Needla, a monster of star cluster Gamra. She is endowed the power to be Blue Mermaid by the earth due to her courage. She beats Needla with Dr. Iwakura’s help and decides fight as Earth Fighter. She fights with star cluster Gamra as a Blue Mermaid solely, but Needla’s boss Tigal, female cadre Debora, and her servant Riria appear before her. Misaki is beaten by Tigal who has enormous anger to her, and is hardly tortured. Then she is relieved by Debora’s whim. However Tigal attacks injured Misaki again. Red Dragon and Yellow Griffon save Misaki’s crisis. She beats Tigal with Red’s and Yellow’s help but the two say that they can’t fight as Earth Fighter any more, and have gone taking off their bracelets. Misaki feels uneasy but she decides keep fighting until she finds new Red and Yellow. Then Demon Princess Debora attacks Misaki. Is Misaki able to beat Debora and Riria without help?

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