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ZEOD-09 New Heroine in Grave Danger!! Seven Ash

Seven Ash are seven treasures which have strong power to control all Galaxy. Shikou-Houshi and his apprentice Shin Mei Huan travel to gather all Seven Ash to protect the Galaxy from Sir Grave who plots domination of the space with utilizing this treasure’s power. Meanwhile, the two stop by space bar and get involved in trouble there. One customer robbed Sapiros ,one of the Seven Ash, from the bar. Shin Mei Huan finds the thief is a subordinate of Ream who is the leader of bandit party live in wind valley. She chases him and manage to retrieve Sapiros through the hard battle with him. Finally, she recapture Sapiros and return to the bar. But she is poisoned her drink while the banquet and captured. The truth is that the bar master Barubaro is aiming to get Shikou-Houshi’s Nephrites. Shin Mei Huan is tortured hardly. Is she able to get over her crisis and recapture Seven Ash?

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