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ZEOD-07 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 16 Female Investigator Sakura

Female agent, Sakura belongs to the special investigation section. Her boss Kurodo is strangled with wire. But she is notified to not search about his murder case. She starts investigation about this case by herself. But her colleague agent Sado and Rikiya are killed. Agent Shirato is heard Rikiya’s dying message and she finds high school girl students (their code name are Mamba, Hornet, and Links) who undertake a murder through the Internet. He also know girl students are working with commission from the organization that used to be annihilated by Sakura. Their mission is ruin the special investigation section and kill Sakura. Sakura and Shirato get angry but Shirato is captured by them. Sakura tries to rescue Shirato, but she also captured. Sakura is tortured from Mamba and Hornet who are sadistic and lesbian. Sakura is gradually tortured and injured by them. Is Sakura able to get over the crisis and revenge them?

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