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ZEOD-05 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 15  Female Combatants Story

Three members of Earth Fighter (Red Dragon, Yellow Griffon, and Pink Phoenix) have battled with evil organization, Black Cross. Pink Phoenix (Momoka Otori) sneaks into the base of Black Cross by pretending female combatant. But there, female cadre, Dark Princess is waiting for female combatant to give the penalty for their escape. Momoka reveals her real face and against attack of the female monster. She tries to transform into Pink Phoenix but Dark Princess destroys her bracelet for transform. And she is caught by Dark Princess. Red Dragon and Yellow Griffon try to contact with Pink Phoenix (Momoka) with anxiety but no reply from her. They look for Momoka with Blue Mermaid (she is probationer) but they can’t find her. At that time, Dark Princess gives up elicit information from Momoka by torture. She tries to brainwashing to Momoka to become her a member of Black Cross. Momoka can’t stand torture and becomes a female combatant. After that Momoka joins the battle with Earth Fighter as a member of female combatant. She is striped her mask and known her presence by Earth Ranger Red and Yellow. So they can’t fight with Momoka. Momoka kills Red and Yellow unconsciously. Blue Mermaid fights sorely with calling Momoka to wake her up. But she is also killed by monster. Momoka recovers her mind confront their death. She tries to beat Dark Princess although she can’t already transform into Pink Phoenix. She manages to beat Dark Princess desperately. But she is killed by monster with losing her energy. Finally, Earth Fighter is totally annihilated.

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