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ZEOD-02 Sexual Dynamite Heroine 13 - Gingaiger

Special Army Gingaiger were formed to confront Bagoon Army. Megumi Asakura and Aika Shiraki, the members of the Gingaiger, are sent to investigate the case of Kawarabe Town. As they begin their investigation, they meet a man named Yoshifumi Manabe, who has been studying monsters. He tells a story about a mysterious water spirit and the ceremony to sacrifice a villager to calm his anger. The two girls decide to become the next sacrifice in order to find out the truth, but the villagers attack them because they are afraid of an evil consequence for tricking the spirit. But Megumi suppresses the villagers and finds out where the forbidden land is. Later Megumi and Aika find out that it was actually Virus, who was pretending to be the spirit but...

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