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THZ-65 Super Heroine in Grave Danger!! Vol.65 -Sailor Water Hermes

Holy water’s fairy fighter is known as Sailor Water Hermes. Evil Devil Empire Valdegurde finally finds out the only weak point of Sailor Water Hermes. When she transforms into Sailor Water Hermes, she has a slight unguarded moment. Shizuku Touno (Sailor Water Hermes) is attacked during her transformation, so she has to fight unarmed condition. Shizuku gets a great chance and transforms into perfect Sailor Water Hermes. She turns her disgrace into fury to defeat monsters. However, the strongest cruel hunters declare that they’ll torture and surrender Sailor Water Hermes. Terrible pinch gradually approaches to Sailor Water Hermes before she realizes it. In this story, beautiful Sailor Water Hermes is exhausted and killed… [BAD END]

THZ-65 01
THZ-65 02

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