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THZ-57 Super Heroine in Grave Danger!! Vol.57 Cheer Knights

During the battle against Deathmania, Cheer Sapphire hurts her left arm due to somebody’s attack. As the member of the cheerleading team, she practices harder than usual to catch up on her friends, but a monster named Rosler attacks her! The girl transforms into Cheer Sapphire and fights back. But the poison pollen attack weakens her and thorn whip strikes. Her body became more sensitive due to the pollen and Rosler’s cactus punch finishes her… Everyone in the city is frightened by Deathmania, and begs Cheer Sapphire to fight again. Zeus gives her a special baton with the power of the gods… Can Cheer Sapphire defeat the powerful enemy with her new power?! [BAD END]

THZ-57 01
THZ-57 02
THZ-57 03