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THZ-46 Superheroine In Grave Danger Vol.46 Shadow Soldier Shadow Angel

A female investigator named Seika Mikage solely chases a criminal who killed her co-worker. But she is entrapped by an evil organization called Devil-Empire which plots to dominate Japan by creating remodeled humans from criminals. Now, she is totally captured, and is tortured and falls in a predicament. But then, by a shock given from the enemy’s torture, she gets power that turns a shadow into Shadow-Angel. Since then, Shadow-Angel fights against Devil-Empire in order to save peace for innocent people. One day, Seika Mikage encounters House-Lizard Demon that attacks people on the street, so she turns a shadow into Shadow-Angel. And after a desperate battle, Shadow-Angel defeats House-Lizard Demon. But, a head master of Devil-Empire named Devil Carmen sees Shadow-Angel’s fight and finds out the weak point. Immediately, Devil Carmen flings down a challenge to Seika Mikage, and calls over Shadow-Angel. Shadow-Angel fights against Devil Carmen, and corners him, but right before she is about to win the fight, her weak point is attacked, so the fight is flipped over and she falls in the pinch. After turn of the tide, the enemy never stops obstinate tease on Shadow-Angel, and at last... [BAD END]

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