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THZ-44 Superheroine In Grave Danger Vol.44 Female Spy 3

The female spy 03 in the JSA (the JAPAN SECRET AGENT) receives a mission to investigate an affair in a village called Tsuda (means a wide field) where the spy trainees receive the lessons and the instructors who used to be veteran spies spend the rest of their days, because all the villagers suddenly have been vanished. No.03 patrols the village where nobody is seen. But No.03 has noticed an uneasy atmosphere going around. While No.03 is shedding sweat in the open-air bath, black shadows approach behind her. Astonishingly enough, mysterious ninja squad attacks her! No.03 somehow manages to escape from there, but she voluntary appears before the ninjas who are searching for her. No.03 easily sweeps off the ninja squad, but the superior ninja squad appears. No.03 closely holds up a battle against the superior ninjas’ spooky ninja techniques, but she’s overwhelmed by the number of the foes finally, and captured. Then, one ninja appears before her is a boss of the evil ninjas named YouEn(means fire like the sun). No.03 receives intense torture but bears it desperately. But after that, something astonishing is happened, and the female spy encounters a time of desperate situations...[BAD END]

THZ-44 01
THZ-44 02

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