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THZ-42 Superheroine In Grave Danger Vol.42 Strong & Beautiful Dyna Woman

General Zot, a cosmic terrorist, has spread a bacterial virus on Earth. Over half of earthling populations will be doomed to perish without vaccination within 48 hours... But, a woman warrior has descended to foil the ferocious ploy. She is iron-arm beauty Dyna Woman. In her sexy dynamite body, with iron arms, the Super Heroine has crushed vicious ambitions of the wicked! General Zot sends in assassins one after another... She manages to overcome domination tactics with her dynamite power and beats down the General, when sinless people begin to be sacrificed... Only means to save people rests with the bad man General Zot’s body in the form of an antibody vaccine. Iron-arm beauty Dyna Woman now has to be passive to General Zot. The well-stacked body of Dyna Woman is at the mercy of General Zot who devours it and spews his thick special semen plenty inside her. Dyna Woman takes her chance to save the mankind, but General Zot escapes into a place where cold water falls in cascade... The place totally shuns the sunlight, and Dyna Woman is in an absolute fix in this deadly battle field! [Bad ending]

THZ-42 01
THZ-42 02
THZ-42 03

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