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THP-78 Super Heroine in Grave Danger!! Vol.78 Blid Ranger

Yui Kijima/Yellow Blid made a critical error of judgment during her mission with Tao Momokawa/Pink Blid and it caused their leader died. Yui still can’t overcome her trauma but monsters of Hell Cross attack her town. A strong monster captures Pink Blid Tao. If Yui misses her decision, Tao is tortured and killed. The Governor of Hell Cross gets horny for Yui/Yellow Blid’s glamorous body. Yui can’t resist Hell Cross. Although Yui has strong mind and an experienced fighter but she is suffered from his torture. Hell Cross put his dirty dick into Yui’s pussy and Yui feels orgasm over and over again. Yui is internally ejaculated and despaired but Tao approach Yui about last mission. What is going to happen to female fighters of Blid Ranger…!? [HAPPY END]

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