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TGGP-95 Beautiful Girl Fighter Sailor Knights

Urara, Mia, Rena, Ruri, and Karen are Beautiful Girl Fighter Sailor Knights. They are busy spending their school life and cleaning up monsters but these cheerful girls feel happy if only they can eat delicious sweets. However, three evil generals who were disappointed by their subordinates, and three general’s superior Baron Bemzonel appears before Sailor Knights. “Let’s cleanup the monsters quickly as usual and go eating some cake!” Urara says casually. But Sailor Knights are driven into the corner by evil generals. Five girls transform into Sailor Knights to against monsters. However evil generals beat and disgrace Sailor Knights one after another. The last Merius seeks the way to beat opponents and save her fellows, however three evil generals and Baron Bemzonel surround her. She loses her mind as her white skin is corroded…!

TGGP-95 01
TGGP-95 02

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