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TGGP-92 Pink Blade VS Death Queen -Meat Puppet of Love and Hate

Justice fighter Quad Blade was almost destroyed by female cadre of Space Pirate Dark Matter. Pink Blade/Momoka Kagawa is a survivor of Quad Blade and she was devotedly taking care of Red Blade/Hiroki Akai. Then, female cadre DEATH QUEEN stands before them again. At the moment Momoka tries to transform Pink Blade to against DEATH QUEEN, Akai attacks Momoka and destroys her transformation bracelet. Besides, commander of Dark Matter Sir Goukanmar also appears. Goukanmar orders DEATH QUEEN to capture Pink Blade alive. Because DEATH QUEEN is a loyal subordinate of Goukanmar, she just follows his order faithfully. DEATH QUEEN sees that Goukanmar enjoys raping Pink Blade, and feels violently jealousy. DEATH QUEEN takes a certain action. Two women start fierce battle with love and hate. What is going to happen to the last..? [BAD END]


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