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TGGP-91 Narcissistic Heroine -Pure Mask-

Naked heroine Pure Mask and mysterious naked hero Brave Mask keep the peace of the academy. Besides, academy teacher Hajime Todoroki and health and physical education teacher Shinobu Mayama are included this fateful story. This story is started from a woman’s video which shows her masturbation on the lightning rod of a skyscraper. The heroine Shion has liked her own face since she was a child. She loves herself, and she wants to be understood by everyone. At the same time, she engages in a solitary battle as a heroine without being noticed by anyone. She has an ambivalent feeling, but she manages to convince herself to search for a point of compromise. She is to be faced with the choice between her life and her important person’s life, but she has no hesitation. Hard Domination Disgrace is started. She is choked, slapped, and stepped on her face. Can she escape from the sea of punishment? When she is disgraced by Brave Mask (she loved him secretly), something is crushed inside of her. This is the hardest disgrace story in producer Mutsuki’s movie history. Please take a look at this movie. [BAD END]

TGGP-91 01
TGGP-91 02

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