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TGGP-83 Tears -RUI- Farewell Requiem

Everyone has to protect their own life by themselves in this world where is infested with desires and money. This is a story of one woman. Heroine of this story is “RUI,” her birth, real name, and background is all unknown. She is a cruel assassin. A mysterious woman, always cool, few words, and never lose her calmness. Her fighting ability is extremely high, so she takes various types of job request one after another. Whether she takes on a job request or not is only depends on her motivation. A large organization starts their action through her refusal of job request. RUI is targeted by them. Opponents are send to RUI one after another. How RUI against them? What happen to RUI next? “Ha ha ha” a weird woman who changed her appearance laughs there…[BAD END]

TGGP-83 01

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