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TGGP-82 VS -Beautiful Mask Principal & Admiral Woman

A guardian angel, Principal (everybody knows her name!) has kept peace of the Teito city. She is always fair and calm. Every villains can’t defeat beautiful Principal. Admiral Woman, a heroine with blue costume, suddenly appears before Principal. Principal and Admiral Woman conflict with each other due to their difference thought and lifestyles. However, in fact two thieves called Ghost Thief were the tormentor for principal. Her instinct becomes uncontrolled. Principal disgraces herself in public against her will. Meanwhile Admiral Woman suffer from a mineral Silicaphilia (her weak point). She is hardly tortured with hollow look. Surprisingly Principal appears before Admiral Woman, repeatedly masturbating with fool face. The disgrace show starts. The nightmare party never finish even if they feel orgasm. What is happen to Admiral Woman? Stand up again, Principal!!! [BAD END]

TGGP-82 01
TGGP-82 02

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