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TGGP-80 Divine Beast Force Beast Ranger Targeted Beast Yellow

Beast Ranger has hardly battled with an evil organization Asura. Asura sends three battle gods to defeat Beast Ranger, specially target at its leader Rinka Kizaki/Beast Yellow. First, Poison Master Godoke attacks Rinka. Beast Yellow is poisoned by a frog, lizard, centipede, snake, and scorpion but manages to defeat Godoke. Next, Vacuum Master Jerinki’s tentacle winds Beast Yellow. Jerinki finds out that the source of Beast Ranger’s power is one mixed spirit and strength, so he tries to deprive Rinka’s spirit and strength. jerinki also attacks her with lesbian play to deprives Rinka’s energy. After Rinka defeats Jerinki, the final enemy Speed Master Winga appears before her. Winga tortures Beast Yellow with overwhelming speed and tears her enforced suit to disgrace her exhausted body. [BAD END]


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