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TGGP-78 Sailor Fighter Tentacles Resolution Surrender

Sailor Fighter, Flare and Elias go to the deserted factory because they get the information monster appears there. They meet the monster and Flare transforms Sailor Fighter to battle with. But Elias doesn’t move an inch. She was already assaulted by monster and was embedded seed of tentacle in her body. Elias holds Flare and attacks with her hands which is transformed tentacles. Flare screams by having attack of tentacles. Screaming of Flare makes Elias comes to herself. Elias lets Flare go, and battles with the monster solely. But she is beaten and swallowed into the monster’s stomach. Flare prays for safety of Elias but she finds the monster is displayed on her crystal. Let’s go Flare, and rescue Elias from the monster!


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