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TGGP-77 Charge Mermaid ~The Mirror Devil・Servant Wedding Ceremony~

The Mirror Devil Charge Mermaid, Aoi Nanami (a member of the Charge Man) is captured in the mirror by Minerva who can go to the world in the mirror. Minerva disguises himself as Nanami and conspire to explode the base of Charge Man. And he broadcasts Nanami’s masturbation with satellite broadcasting to spread a bad reputation of Charge Man. What is happened to Nanami and her base? Servant Wedding Ceremony The prince of Gozua tries to marry Nanami. He captures Nanami who transformed into Charge Mermaid by his overwhelming power. She is changed her erogenous zone to match the prince’s favorite by doctor. Nanami is embedded engage ring to her womb and she becomes sex servant of the prince. But Mermaid tries to keep her sense with her strong mind. Doctoruses the Bionic Mind Controller to brainwash her. Does Charge Mermaid become wife of the price? Cheer up! Nanami Aoi. Cheer up, our Charge Mermaid! [BAD END]


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