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TGGP-72 Pure Mask Part3 ~TSUGUMI~

President of the school council and also chief of the public relations(she is famed as the strongest fighter) in the team Pure Mask become victims. The name of the mysterious woman appears in the beginning of this story is “Mrs. Madarame”. Maybe She is the person who manipulates with madam Papion from behind-the-scenes. “Go, Papion! Nobody deceive my eyes…” What is her true purpose? Otome is the chief of school council accountant and the most graceful girl in the team. Caring for injured SEKIREI is also her work because KAWASEMI disappeared now. Papion appears in front of Otome… Pure Mask, TSUGUMI fights with enemy with original weapons created by her smart intelligence. But her gentle mind leads her to fall into dirty trap. TSUGUMI is captured and suffered persistent torture. She urinates by pushing stun gun to her groin. And she is forced fellatio with putting on her mask. Her mask is sticky with saliva and her skin is showed through her mask. But Spade tortures her with embarrassment. Papion says “Are you utterly infatuated with her?” Papion tears her mask with fury and jealousy. TSUGUMI screams because of disgrace and her mask smashed. And she falls into the pits of hell relentlessly at the end of the story. What is happen in Pure Mask? [BAD END]


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