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TGGP-70 Sailor Fighter Tickling Surrender Torture

Sailor Sylpheed is missing. Her last word was “I find a new monster”. Sailor Mermaid searches Sylpheed and finds her, but Ryakuou who is the king of Rekima tribe and his combatants appear there. Mermaid tries to battle with them but suddenly Sylpheed holds Mermaid. Sylpheed has become subordinate of Ryakuou since she gave in his tickling torture. Mermaid tries to beat Ryakuou to awake Sylpheed’s mind but she is captured by tickling attack of Rekima tribe. Sylpheed transforms into female monster “Tickriss” and tortures Mermaid by tickling. Mermaid loses her consciousness by their torture. She is also forced oral sex by Ryakuou with violent tickling torture. Mermaid becomes very sensitive over her whole body before long. Ryakuou quits his fuck before Mermaid reaches orgasm to keep her in an uneasy state and tickle her repeatedly. Finally, Mermaid appeals to Ryakuou to make her reach orgasm. Ryakuou accept her wish and disgrace her again. But her body already not satisfied with normal sex. She screams “tickle me ! ” [BAD END]


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