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TGGP-69 Wonder Venus

Newscaster of News Focus, Kaori Minami has battled with evils with transforming into Wonder Venus when incident is happened. One day Dogma virus fever is spread through the infection from flies. Kozo Sakazaki, the authority of genetic engineering, has planned biohazard that propagate new species of carnivorous flies to infect Dogma virus for the people. He used to battle with Wonder Venus and he was presumably died, but he survived in fact. Kaori doesn’t know about that and she is invited Maya (Kozo’s younger sister) to coverage with Kozo Sakazaki who invents antibody for Dogma virus. But there, Kaori meets Kozo who becomes fly monster by unified with fly. She is captured and disgraced with fly monster. She is checked her body and is expanded central nervous of pleasure. Wonder Venus is assaulted with huge fly delivered from Kaori herself…[BAD END]


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