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TGGP-67 Female Cadre Hard Lesbian Brainwash

The 49th female combatant of Death Devil is a hermaphrodite. The distorted combatant is always treated cruelly by others… One day, Black Ranger infiltrates into their headquarters and defeats almost all of the combatants… The only one left was the 49th combatant but she finds something merciless… Black Ranger is violating the corpses of the other female combatants! Soon he finds the 49th combatant watching and chases after her. Her breast and crotch is molested… Her uniform is ripped but what was under it has shocked the courageous fighter! Black Ranger screams from fear, and the female combatant defeats him. Later, the 49th female combatant disgraces her fellow workers and becomes a cadre… She can no longer stop her desire for sex and…

TGGP-67 01 TGGP-67 02 TGGP-67 03

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