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TGGP-66 Cool Heroine Wonder Crested –Merry Go Round of Death-

A lonely assassin named Ubusuna waits patiently for the chance to eliminate her… Wonder Crested is his target. In an underground city, the leader of a mafia is killed. Although it seemed like an average dispute between the mafias, there was a mysterious message left behind in the crime scene for Wonder Crested. But she is not afraid of them, she ventures into the headquarters. The powerful heroine lifts up a vehicle to block the bullets and questions, ‘I want to see your boss… Where is he?’ Wonder Crested and Ubusuna stand face to face with each other... Ubusuna tells her that he has 9 million people as hostage with his bombs… After completely investigating about the superheroine, Ubusuna finds out about her secrets. It was very simple, all he has to do is to shoot her where the armor wasn’t protecting her. He commands Wonder Crested to stay still and takes out his rocket launcher... The heroine vomits blood but stands up… Then, he stabs her with a syringe… The drug makes her see numerous hallucinations of herself getting killed… Finally, Wonder Crested begs Ubusuna to…! [BAD END]

TGGP-66 01 TGGP-66 02 TGGP-66 03

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