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TGGP-61 Sion the Armed Detective Grave Danger

Sion infiltrates into the crime scene to find the Crazy Papion’s drug dealer but the man dies before she can question him. Later, Sion disguises as a whore and approaches Dacan, the leader of Crazy Papion. Sion is toys by the boss and a butterfly is tattooed on her breast as a symbol of becoming a member. Sion makes Dacan cum and investigates the drug factory but Karyu observes her actions. Dacan is angry about the betrayal and tortures Sion. After toying with Sion’s body, she commands Karyu to eliminate the female investigator. Sion defeats Karyu but the true boss was the man who person who tattooed the butterfly. Sion is disgraced and killed... [BAD END]

TGGP-61 01 TGGP-61 02 TGGP-61 03 TGGP-61 04

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