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TGGP-57 BLOODY PURGE 〝the Scapegoat〝

The holocaust by “Things”, a creature neither man or robot, changed the whole world. Sometime after the sudden appearance of Things, women were trained to wear “Cradle” as the means of counter strike. Although the development of the Cradle had drastically changed the tide of the battle, many women lost their lives fighting against them. Reina joined the force to fight against Things. Although Reina did not know about her special talents, she was beginning to develop her gifts. That was when Reina got an information about her childhood friend gone missing after departing for a mission. She rushes out to the last place where her friend was seen, but Things were waiting for her. The most important thing to remember as a Square Rider is to control oneself feelings, but Reina felt terror by the appearance of Things. Just when she was about to get finished, a glimpse of light saves her. It was Xion who had developed a talents way earlier than Reina. Xion snaps at Reina to escape from the here, but Things surround the two. Xion destorys numerous numbers of Things, and finds a Thing sneaking up on Reina. Xion throws herself to save Reina, but the price was big. Xion uses the last of her energy to save Reina, but had no more for herself. The Things slowly approaches Xion and her trial begins.

TGGP-57 01 TGGP-57 02 TGGP-57 03

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