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TGGP-56 Sailor-Fighters Hell of Shameful Surrender by a Tentacle Monster

A vast evil was creeping up on the Sailor Fighters! Flare rescues Elias from a crisis, and the Sailor Fighters cooperate to defeat Zamon! But Flare had a bad feeling that something awful was going to happen to them. The next day, Olda the monster stands in Elias’s way. She transforms into a Sailor Fighter to fight against Olda but has difficulties with its tentacles. She passes out and gets soaked up with its special liquid. The monster swallows Elias and she is covered with its digestive juice... A little after the defeat of her friend, Flare finds her friends corpse and swears to get a revenge on the monster. Flare fights against Olda but similar to the earlier battle, she is swallowed up. Flare’s costume dissolves in the digestive juice. And the tentacles violates her inside the monster’s stomach! But Flare hears Elias’ voice in her head and uses her remaining energy to fire the Sailor Beam! She manages to get out of its stomach but she has no power left. [BAD END]

TGGP-56 01 TGGP-56 02

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