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TGGP-55 Go for it! Our Working Heroine

2049 A.D. The story takes place in Japan Scientific-Research. Crime-arrest percentile has fallen below fifty percent, and the Matsushita Ministry decides to set up a new police organization. This was the beginning of Special Armored Forces of the Public Safety. Lilith Hasegawa is given the order to change her position to the Breakers, the vanguard company. The Breakers were after Lee, the leader of the Far Eastern Mafia for marketing drugs. She and her supervisor, Kasai, try to arrest Lee but Lee is cunning as a fox! Lilith, aka Astorea, is caught by him. Lee chokes Astorea and forces her to wear her own panty on her face. From the effects of the aphrodisiac, she listens to whatever Lee orders her to do. Astorea wets herself, sucks on her boss’s cock, vomits on Lee’s cock... And finally, she gets whipped and hot wax spread all over her body! Whats gonna happen to our working heroine!?

TGGP-55 01 TGGP-55 02 TGGP-55 03

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