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TGGP-52 Heroine Mask Tiramisteria

Tiramisteria (Ikumi) was caught by Kaiser and his organization of evil. In the burning flames, Ikumi reminisces of her childhood days when she got rescued by the hero of justice. As days went by, Ikumi encounters a mysterious man named Hawkman. He gave Ikumi the special mask, which allows her to use supernatural ability for her to save the Earth. Unfortunately Ikumi is now caught by her foe, and Doll (an officer of Kaiser’s organization) begins investigating her body. Although Doll began examining Tiramisteria’s body minutely, she could not find any special features of it. Soon Doll’s anger changes into love, and caresses her. But the hero of justice, who she had adored since her childhood days, appeared out of nowhere and drove Doll away. But Tiramisteria is shocked by the fact that the man who she adored so much was Kaiser. [BAD END]

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