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TGGP-45 Wonder Lady - Love Juice・Breast Milk Splash

Mayor of Gordum City has declared independence from the state, so the city can prepare against the heavily armed neighboring countries of late... Wonder Lady, actively engaging as an investigator under the name of Suzuka Seijo, is mobilized urgently to capture the criminal who has broken out of jail after an explosion. But, there awaits Mr. Hate, a mysterious man. While taken back by Mr. Hate’s attack, Wonder Lady is gagged by the Mayor from behind to inhale chloroform and blacks out. The Mayor’s aim is to sample Wonder Lady’s gene culture and clone ’Mega Soldiers’ having the same strength as hers. To obtain the gene information from Wonder Lady whose iron body defies all external attacks, Mayor uses Mr. Hate to induce her to secrete love juice. With her body disabled with a drug, Wonder Lady is tied up by rope, whom Mr. Hate stimulates and arouses sexually to train her body to readily secrete love juice. But, Mr. Hate ignores the Mayor’s order and sets out on a different project. Can Wonder Lady thwart this daunting project? What will happen to Gordum City in future!? [Bad ending]

TGGP-45 01 TGGP-45 02

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