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TGGP-43 Cyber Agent Rain

Rin Amamiya teams up with her partner, Prophecy, to investigate the criminal syndicate, Eterno. One day she is summoned by her boss. She is told to release all of the prisoners of Eterno and take an oath never to bother them. Rin perceives the one who gave that command is the Minister of Justice... Few weeks later, Rin tells Prophecy that she is going to enter the fighting contest held by the Eterno. In order to destroy the criminal syndicate, she believes this is the only way to approach Boss Waylai. Boss Waylai himself is not powerful but his bodyguards are very powerful... Prophecy stops Rin from entering the fighting contest but... The two reach to the finals but... [BAD END]

TGGP-43 01 TGGP-43 02

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