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TGGP-41 Super-Armored Force Martial Force

Martial Pink is the only girlie warrior of justice of Martial Force. She has been worried about her former mentor Martial Yellow of her junior Martial days, who keeps making blunders and is suspected of hiding something grave. One day, Geronimo, the chief of last Indian tribe Wakhi, is reported to have been kidnapped. Martial Force, convinced of the secret linkage of Indian’s curse and junto Egoh behind the serial deaths of the Presidents, hurries to the UN assembly hall where the next assassination attempt is foreseen. The Force members are scattered about by Egoh’s diversionary operation. Before Pink and Yellow, trapped by the enemy, stands Geronimo, now turned into Egoh’s monster Noroytotem. Geronimo has been in wait for a chance to revenge Yellow, aka Apache, who has deserted Wakhi! Pink tries to transform to fight back, but under Noroytotem spell, she is prevented from transforming and gets beat down by monsters along with Yellow. Taken to the enemy den, Pink is put to the brain-washing machine for Martial Force’s confidential information. The machine arouses Pink’s hidden desires and displays them on the monitor screen vividly. Shown on the screen are... [Happy ending]

TGGP-41 01 TGGP-41 02

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