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TGGP-33 【G1】Forever Living Heroine Domination

As a small child, Ryo has had his parents killed and now lives with a family whose business is to extinguish specters. Ryo has developed talents and grown to spearhead specter clean-up campaigns... One day, she engages in a fierce battle with the specter head of a clan called Water Family, but she gets cursed for immortality. She feels pain but never dies. Immortal body...that’s how she’s been subjected to... The specters never diminish in number however hard she fells them... And she keeps getting assignments, confounding her. She complains to her sister Asuka, who cajoles her somehow... Day after day, Ryo goes out for getting rid of specters. By request, she marches into Gondo’s office, a specter Yakuza, where she gets in a deadly fix but never dies because of the ’immortal’ curse. She succeeds in terminating Gondo and his underlings. With her mission completed, Ryo reports to her sister via cell phone but she gets irritated by her sister not even responding with a ’Well done’. Later, she gets into an argument with her sister for receiving a request directly from a specter and yells emotionally, ’Sis, you want to down specters. Why don’t you do it yourself!’ Realizing how heavily the family has burdened Ryo, Asuka leaves a message and sets out to encounter the specter alone. Learning that the request came from the next boss of Water Family that put the ’immortal’ curse on Ryo, Asuka gets excited with anger and challenges the specter all in vain. Ryo runs after Asuka for help, but Asuka tries to take the specter’s life along with hers... She ends up destroying herself alone, without hurting the specter. With her sister now killed, Ryo goes for revenge, yet the specter is no enemy of Ryo. The specter, now aware that Ryo is the clan head’s foe, starts atrocious revenge... [Bad ending]

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