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TGGP-31 【G1】Sailor Heroine Brainwash

Meet Sailor Grace, a heroine of justice fighting her longtime enemy Desbayer! When she is in trouble, Tuxedo Fighter arrives to save her wherever she is. Evil Desbayer concocts a plan to capture and brainwash Sailor Grace by using a fake Tuxedo Fighter. The fake Tuxedo Fighter approaches to Sailor Grace and confuses her sense. Then the fake Fighter, who appears before the brainwashed Grace, keeps smiling mysteriously, ignoring her plead for help. Sailor Grace, confused, can no longer trust Fighter. To complete her misery, the fake Fighter starts raping Grace! Sailor Grace’s brainwashing process is complete now, and.... [BAD END]

TGGP-31 01 TGGP-31 02

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