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TGGP-30 【G1】Super Force Shield Five - Stigmatized as a Disqualified Heroine

Miko Momose is in danger. She is the only female ranger of the Shield Five at war with the Crooked Scientific Empire Dead Dark. Dr. Iguarna, a Dead Dark scientist, goes after Miko, aka Shield Pink, with the members of Trimmers in tow, holding the damned picture book in hand that sucks in those who peek into the contents. The Shield Five is now alarmed with the emergence of Dead Dark. They set out to meet with the fighters, and Miko is lured out and faces a hard battle with Trimmers. She manages to get away without her colleagues’ help, wielding her pet skills of ribbon attack. But, she is drawn into the picture book by Dr. Iguarna who happens to come around, and she is entwined by ivy and loses her mobility. Dr. Iguarna sets fire to the picture book, almost burning Miko alive in the picture book world. She transforms into Shield Pink and escapes the fire alone by releasing the Shield Suit power to its limit. As the power is depleted, Pink suffers damage and is taken away to Dead Dark’s hideout. In the analysis of Dr. Iguarna, it is found that only those who have strong body and pure spirits are qualified for transformation. Dr. Iguarna uses a fake Shield member Red to put Pink to torture in an attempt to destroy her trust in her colleagues. But, the proud Shield Pink never loses trust in her colleagues. Frustrated, Dr. Iguarna tries to take advantage of her being a woman; he gropes and screws her to derange her spirits. Will Shield Pink ever drown herself in sexual pleasures to become a nympho? Will she retain her qualification for a heroine? After a wave of orgasms assaulting her, Pink turns to... [Bad ending]

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