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TGGP-28 【G1】Female Ninja Surrender

Murasaki(means purple) is a female ninja who receives blood in family line to Ninja. Over the forth century, descendants, who has been taken over underground work, are still living in the world of the Heisei era. She thoroughly obeys the leader’s order, obtains the spirit to sacrifice herself and the flesh which has trained as the ninja, but she is surrendered by hard torture and disgrace that can twist her beautiful expression, and at last she falls in agony――she has received a special mission from the special organization of the Japanese government and fought against the terrorist organization which tries to overthrow the present social order with foreign countries; however, another ninja also exists in the terrorist organization and Murasaki has been captured by the enemy. [BAD END]
TGGP28 01 TGGP28 02 TGGP28 03

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