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TGGP-26 【G1】Hard-line Enslavement-American Comic Heroine Proud Woman

On the outside, she, Maya Yuuki(means approaching hope), is a wild-bird researcher but actually is an undercover agent of an intelligence agency ”The White Garnett” under the direct control of the Prime Minister. With the outdated big glasses, light make-up and the Japanese old-time’s hairstyle, and she is a delicate girl who takes to her heels only to see a lizard. However one day, unexpectedly Maya is assaulted by someone but she rotates her body splendidly and then suddenly a light wraps in her body. And she tells the foe, ”Now, answer...Where is Major Kirishima!?” Maya, the Proud-Woman stands up in order to rescue the captured fellow; however, the foe’s evil woman named Madam Fairy intercepts and blocks the Proud-Woman: Forcible vomiting after belly shooting, Tight binding while she puts on a manta and a diaper, Covering her face with star panties, Mouth gagging, Disgrace by forcing pig-shaped nose, Strong Pressure to lick belt with semen, Obstinate demolition of the Proud-Manta, Suffocation, Incontinence of urine, and Pity compulsive sex with Major Kirishima whom she secretly loves...then, A hand grenade explodes violently just under the Proud-Woman’s body. The costume is blown away in a moment. Well, how will be the fate of the Proud-Woman, who is turned deep-black by its sweat, oil, and gunpowder!?... And what will the woman and the man, two, see the end of it! ?―this is a bondage work of a heroine of American Comics, which destroys pride of the Proud-Woman who carries her honorable manta with her pride buried in!! You, this girl, what’s that!? ...The face with being close to tears!? Still, are you...a heroine!!! [BAD END]

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