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TGGP-24 【G1】Female Ninja Yuka - Sealing Evil

The Kirishima clan has been fighting the demonic ninja group Shien-zoku, trying to seal away the evil power of them. Family tradition has it that daughters of the Kirishima clan are born and raised to be a shrine maiden from ancient time. After the long years of battle Shien-zoku finally disappeared, and the Kirishima clan has become a group of peaceful civilians handing down the art of ninja as spiritual inheritance. Yuka is a student of a prestigious all-girl school and captain of the swimming club, and she is also a descendant of the famed Kirishima clan. One day her best friend Miho is assaulted by a rapist, who turns into a goblin monkey of Shien-zoku. Yuka transforms to fight, and easily defeats the enemies, but she thinks something is not right after hearing the ominous words of the evil monkey, commander of the unit. Using Miho, the enemies in fact have switched her necklace with a fake. Yuka finds herself trapped, unable to transform. Wearing a wet swimming suit, she is tortured by the evil monkey trying to take the girl’s virginity. Though she defeats the evil monkey after miraculous transformation, she falls deep into the dark hell of the goblin monkey’s erotic nightmare, where she must go through an endless series of the Shien-zoku-style disgraces.
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